“Destroying a tropical rainforest for profit is like burning all the paintings of the Louvre to cook dinner.”

- E.O. Wilson

Trees in Wolves’ Clothing presents a twisted up view of our natural world depicted through exaggerated interpretations of evolution, reincarnation, and nature’s recycling of matter and energy. Inspired by fallacies, contradictions, biases and nonsensical nuances found within our everyday western world, these amalgamations apply a playful and mythical spin to a visceral foundation of life and death.

Interested in the comparison between biological adaptation and cognitive adaptation, Weaver plays within these inspiring transformations to find and express the parallel comparisons between natural adaptations and man-made objects, questioning their roles in the evolutionary process of our natural world. 

While some of these conglomerations are created with a playful sense of irony and humor, they also highlight the dangers of an all-encompassing capitalistic society, in which no aspect of life or nature is safe from commodification.


Trees in Wolves’ Clothing on exhibit 9/16/17 through 10/13/17

Garboushian Gallery

427 Camden Drive

Beverly  Hills, CA 90210